British Fencing Registered Competitions 2014-15

Why do I need to Read This?

From 1st September 2014, the FIE changed the order of matches in pools of 6.

From 1st September 2014, all British Fencing Registered Competitions are required to submit results including BF membership numbers.

How to Submit Registered Competition Results


Existing users of Engarde8 who wish to continue using it will need to amend a few files to make it comply with the current rules.


Download a complete new copy here

Download the updates here, unzip and copy into your “Resources” folder

N.B. Only competitions created using the updated files will show the changes.

Once you have updated your copy of Engarde 8, the HTML Ranking report will include BF membership numbers

Engarde 9

Make sure you are using Engarde 9.61 or later to get the correct order of matches in the pools. At the moment you will need to send both the HTML ranking and the "fff" file as the HTML report does not include BF membership numbers.

Fencing Time

To be added!